Month: March 2018

Episode 07: Gráinne Mhaol – Aristocrat, Trader, Pirate Queen

Cut-throat pirate or well-bred diplomat? Today we talk about Grace O’Malley/Gráinne Mhaol, legendary chieftain of the O’Mháille and O’Flaherty tribes. We explore misconceptions about her appearance, demeanour, and lifestyle as well as the effect her death had during a massive turning point in Irish history as the last of the Irish nobles battled fiercely in…

Episode 06: Occult Killing in 70s Ireland; The Boy In The Attic

Join us this week as we explore Opus Dei, the unlikely origins of Black Mass, and our first Irish true crime adventure as we dive into one of Ireland most horrifying and secretive murders. John Horgan… The Boy in The Attic.

Episode 5: Geopolitics Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

What do Chaos Magic, Paramilitary Groups, and Neo-Fascism all have in common? Last week we talked about geopolitical scientist Aleksandr Dugin’s book Foundations of Geopolitics and the massive impact it may have had on Russian foreign policy, and read excerpts from our email interview with him. So the guy’s an academic, right? Right! He’s an…